Garden Maintenance:

We understand that finding time to maintain your home and garden can be very difficult – This is why allowing us to develop a customised and comprehensive maintenance plan that is seasonally based will take the stress away.

Your garden is a personal investment that deserves expert attention and care.

With scheduled maintenance – your garden will look its absolute best and continue to thrive. Your maintenance team is highly skilled and passionate about what they do, we can ensure this will be reflected in your garden. Whatever shape or size – allow your maintenance team to nurture and protect your growing investment all year round.

Professional Garden Maintenance Services Provided

  • Cultivating, improving & aerating soil
  • Hedging, pruning & trimming plants
  • Fertilising, mulching & improving plant health
  • Pest & disease control
  • Lawn edging, moving & blowing
  • Weeding & collection/removal of leaf litter
  • Removal of rubbish from your property